Build Applications without pain

Underlying all Humanitics products and services is the BPM engine that allows you to build process oriented applications without having to code too much. It cuts out the plumbing code, and lets you focus on the business code. BPM is a framework for model driven architecture that externalizes main artifacts of software. This puts the power in the hands of analysts rather than developers. It helps you build a rapid application by automating the following artifacts

  • Data Schema
  • Validation Rules
  • User interface
  • User Interaction Flow and Application Navigation
  • Help Messaging
  • Work flow
  • Business Rules
  • Documents and Content Management
  • Reports and OLAP
  • Security model
  • User workbenches
  • Access and Data scope definitions


PaperLess or LessPaper, build your DMS to suite your needs

DMS (Document Management System) is a software specially designed to deal with the documents. Scanning, indexing, storage, retrieval and use of documents and content within the application context.

E-Governance applications deal with a large number of documents. Scanning them, digitally signing them, safely storing them and using them within the applications is a far more efficient usage of office space and employee time otherwise wasted in dealing with the paper documents. Moreover, digital documents are age proofed, have legal sanctity and are transportable at electronic speeds.